Axis-Y Biome Comforting Infused Toner

RM 76.00

Quick moisture supply + Skin texture improvement
5 kinds of mineral-rich probiotics and prebiotics are included in the special “Biome Blend” for dry and sensitive skin which
reacts to small changes in the environment. It works to strengthen and clear the skin. Also the plant-derived soothing duo
provides smooth moisture and radiance without irritation, while the “nourishing bubbles” which are visible when the
bottle is shaken helps to improve the skin’s water-oil balance, providing comforting care for the skin’s natural state.

How To Use
Step 1. Start by cleansing your skin.
Step 2. Gently spread an appropriate amount evenly over the skin with your hands or with a cotton pad
Step 3. Pat lightly for maximum absorption
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